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Future Monuments - 7"

7-inch, 45RPM, black vinyl // Limited to 300 numbered copies
Release date: March 15, 2022

Future Monuments released by Innovative Leisure. 7″ single via Spazz Records.

Future Monuments

“Future Monuments deals with the question who the heroes of our future will be and how fast their statues will get torn down again. In a world as polarized as this, it’s pretty hard to tell I think. There are a lot of false, yet persuasive messiahs out there preaching their way into the minds of people that are looking for answers, for something to hold on to in this confusing day and age. It’s hard to not fall prey to these charlatans, to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to picking our leaders. This worries us. We made the song sound big and heroic so it feels like a proper epos”

Artificial Afterlife

“Artificial Afterlife contemplates over the possibility of assuring life after death by the means of technology. It could be the perfect soundtrack to waking up in a computer generated walhalla where your consciousness got uploaded to. Zuckerberg, if you read this, get in touch.”


  • Image of Future Monuments - 7"
  • Image of Future Monuments - 7"